Wagner-Whitin Algorithm -Part 2

I received an email from a friend and he was asking how he can use the lot sizing spreadsheet in the last post.The whole purpose of this quick note is to clear some of the confusions.

First: I have created a new version, you can download the second version from here

Second: This spreadsheet is developed in “Resolver One” which is a commercial spreadsheet similar to Excel. The good thing is that it is free for academics. It also uses Python instead of VBA which is a huge advantage for me.

In order to use the algorithm (shown below), change the number of periods, holding costs, and setup costs for different periods and click “Calculate”. You will see the updated cost matrix and the code will spit out in which stages you’d better pay the setup cost and avoid the holding cost. I had so much fun developing it and I hope it comes in handy for you too.

Wagner Whitin Screenshot

Wagner Whitin Screenshot


~ by marksalen on September 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wagner-Whitin Algorithm -Part 2”

  1. […] Please see this post for an updated version and more […]

  2. That’s great work. I wonder is there a more accessible way for people to use it? A website maybe rather than a spreadsheet?

  3. Hello
    We are students from Tel Aviv University, we want to improve your amazing spreadsheet and to add some more constrains .
    For example: we want that the algorithm will be able to calculate not only whole demands but parts of demands (if its better to produce the next demand but maybe it better to produce the next half demand or the quarter next demand)
    Thanks for your help


  4. Hello, I am a master degree student in Thailand. I ‘m interested in your Wagner-Whitin Algorithm spreadsheet. I would like to use this spreadsheet for my lot sizing problem in my project.

    Thanks for your help,



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