Guy Kawasaki’s talk

I went to a talk by Guy Kawasaki around his new book “The Art of the Start 2.0”. I took some notes and below you can find my notes

1- Ask yourself these:

Therefore, what?
Isn’t this interesting
Is there a better?
It’s possible, so don’t we try?

2. Make a mvvvp
Minimum viable valuable validating product
3. Do something cringeworthy
Make it, sell it, everything else is bullshit
4. Define a business model
-be specific
-keep it simple
-ask a woman, men are genetically designed to kill stuff
When you start:
-milestones, “finish design”
-test assumptions
Plant a lot of seeds
-get out of the office. Go to sxsw
-provide a safe easy first step
Hire infected people
-ignore the irrelevant . Ignore degrees and work experience. Hire people who love your product
-hire better than yourself
-embrace tge npr model. Provide great value and content to people 24-7 and you can sometimes hammer them with a pledge drive
Let the market decide what is the purpose of your product

~ by marksalen on April 2, 2010.

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