Document Clustering

I am trying to perform a document clustering on a dataset with 4,000 documents. I have been reading about document clustering lately. Here is a list of a number of resources that I have used. The second item is a pretty good book that I recommend. The first one is a survey of document clustering methods.

1- Recent Developments in Document Clustering
2- Clustering and Information Retrieval (Network Theory and Applications)
3- Scatter/Gather: a cluster-based approach to browsing large document collections

This website has a lot of great documents and literature review for document clustering

1- Tutorial on document clustering


~ by marksalen on June 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Document Clustering”

  1. Why do you want to cluster your documents?
    What is your end task? You might not need the clusters actually to get the best result on the end task.

  2. hi mark.. I am a final year student in CS.. I hv grt interest in document clustering research area.. i want to take up this as my mjor project.. can u suggest any particular project topic that i can take up in this regard..
    Thanks ..

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